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Colosseum Grappling is born from the idea that there has to be more to offer competitors who sacrifice their time, money, and body for the love of the sport. Grappling has evolved over the years and we believe it is time for the way grappling competitions are ran to evolve as well. The goal of Colosseum Grappling is to pioneer bringing competitive grappling to the next level.

Competitor Profiles

We put more information in the hands of the competitors giving them more then just a medal and experience after every competition.

State of the art bracketing

Our bracketing system is designed so that the moment the competition starts until the last division starts competitors are informed on when their division will begin.

Technology driven

Because our tournaments are driven by technology we are able to create an effortless check-in and weigh-in experience for competitors while offering real-time division start times and real-time bracketing results.