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Our Incentive program

Our goal is that no matter if you win or loss you walk away with valuable information about how you did in the competition and how it compares to previous Colosseum Grappling tournaments you have competed in. This gives you the opportunity to see where your weakness may be and what your strengths are. That way you have a chance to compete better in the next competition you are in even if it's not with us.

Cash Incentives

The cash incentives are based on how many competitors register for the competition. Every competitor (regardless of gender) that places first in their division that meets the cash incentive requirement will receive a cash incentive.

Cash Incentive Requirements

For a division to quality for the cash incentive there must be at least 6 (six) competitors in the division. If there isn't 6 (six) competitors in the division there will be other options

Options for divisions not meeting the cash incentive requirements

Competitors can move to a higher belt level

Competitors can move to a heavier weight class

Competitors can compete in their division and not get a cash incentive